Need a little help getting set-up? Installing a new dishwasher or stove/hob can be a bit tricky to handle on your own. At Shop Zone, our certified technicians are here to offer you a helping hand and will be there to remove your old appliance and install our replacement for you. Installation of a dishwasher in particular requires some extra help to get the plumbing all set-up correctly. Avoid any accidents or spills, get things off to a good start!

Our dishwasher installation service is cheap and includes the removal of your old appliance if required. We keep our dishwasher installation cost low to make sure it is accessible to everyone. The same applies when it comes to stove installation. To keep yourself safe, let our experts handle the wiring of your freestanding stove installation. We also offer a complete built-in oven installation upon delivery and can easily dispose of your old appliance. For a freestanding stove or hob, we charge only $10 for disposal. Now, that’s handy.

Please note that extra costs will incur if your current connection is not legal in accordance with AS/NZS3000. Talk to our friendly team to find out more about Shop Zone installation services today.

  • Electrical Installation – Freestanding Stove/Hob

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  • Installation – Dishwasher

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  • Installation – Built-in Oven

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