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Which Type of Stove Is The Best For You?

Introduction to Stovetops

The kitchen is the heart of any healthy household, and choosing a stove to cook for you or your family is an important choice. Which solution will be more economic? Is there a stove that offers more cooking range? Is my choice safe for the planet? That’s just a handful of questions that we intend to help you with through this article.

The Different Types of Stoves Available Nowadays

Before rushing in to choose your stove, allow us to present you the different types of stoves you can find on the market and their specificities.

The Gas Stove

The cooktop gas stove is an untimely classic; it’s been used in great five-star kitchens around the world for its durability and reliability. It’s also compatible with all cookware, and it will work even if you experience a power cut. However, there are two types of gas stoves, those with a direct gas line and those where you have a gas can that you need to change.

The first one is more convenient since there’s nothing to do and no heavy cans to carry, but it offers less control and safety in case of a leak. If you have a leak on your pipe with a can, you can disconnect it. 

The Electric Stove

The main advantage of the electric cooktop is that it’s very easy to use, and you have less risk of an accident because there’s no flame. Installation is easy and costs less than a gas stovetop. However, no electricity means no cooking, and it can cost you more in terms of energy.

The Induction Stove

Induction stoves are the safest stoves you can find on the market. They heat quickly and offer light indicators to show if it’s hot. Temperature can be controlled precisely and cleaning is easy. However, these stoves can be expensive, and you’ll need to invest in dedicated cookware compatible with the induction system. Moreover, induction implies a learning curve, and if you’re used to electric or gas stoves, you may overcook or burn aliments at first.

Which Stove Do You Need?

If you’re an expert cook on a budget, there’s no way around it; a gas stove will be the most useful. It’s the least expensive, and although it may require more maintenance, you’re not limited by your utensils. You can also adjust the size of the flame, and in the case of a power cut, it’s the most reliable.

The electric stove is easier to use and install and will also be safer to use than gas, but heating is slower, and you’ll end up feeling its added more cost onto your electric bill. As for the induction stove, it’s the high-end experience with precise temperature indicators, cooking programs and the possibility to know when a plaque is hot. However, it’s more expensive and noisy. The induction stove is also not for everyone, as you can easily burn your food.

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