Ceramic & Gas Cooktop

Which is Better – Gas or Ceramic Cooktops

Deciding between Gas or Ceramic?

If you’re looking to buy a new or used oven but unsure what to get, then you’ve come to the right place. Shop Zone, an appliance store in NZ, will clearly show the pros and cons of gas cooktops and ceramic cooktops. Selling home appliances online in NZ, we sell second hand appliances from the best brands, offering warranties on all our goods. Unlike some other appliance stores, we deliver to your doorstep.

Gas Cooktops

Initially only available for commercial use, the gas cooktop has become a common place feature in many homes.

Benefits of Gas Cooktops

The main benefit is it heats quickly, being an open flame. There’s no need to wait for the gas cooktop to heat up, and you can finely control your heat. This is perfect if you’re following a recipe that needs precise heat control.

You can use any pot or pan on a gas cooktop, as the metal trivets keep them from damaging the gas burners. Meaning you can cook essentially any dish without problems, especially since the gas burners evenly distributes heat.

Another great benefit is you can even use your stove if you’re experiencing a power outage. Since gas cooktops are linked to an independent gas bottle, it’s possible to keep using them.

Drawbacks of Gas Cooktops

As with any appliance, there are also some drawbacks. The gas bottle needs to be refilled periodically, which can be a mission to remember as there’s no low gas warning indicator. It also carries the risk of a gas leak, especially if it wasn’t correctly installed. This is a danger to homeowners, so installing a gas cooktop might be more complex than another oven.

Additionally, It’s more challenging to clean with bulky metal trivets and burners. Moreover, a range hood with an installed fan is often necessary to ensure the fumes are filtered and don’t fill your house.

Ceramic Cooktops

The first ceramic cooktop was created in 1971 and has since become a common occurrence in homes worldwide. This oven has a heating coil covered by a ceramic glass surface upon which your pot or pan rests.

Benefits of Ceramic Cooktops

The ceramic cooktop is among the most stylish ovens available today. It has a sleek appearance that often compliments modern interior design elements. It’s straightforward to clean, as there are no metal trivets in the way and can simply be wiped down.

It’s a good stove for cooking food at steady temperatures, ensuring the food doesn’t accidentally burn. The ceramic cooktops tend to be less expensive than their counterparts, ensuring you can buy one with almost any budget.

Another benefit is ceramic cooktops often sport several different features and settings. You can select features like duel elements, flexi-zone, and more when cooking on this top.

Drawbacks of Ceramic Cooktops

This stove top heats slower than gas cooktops and thus cools down slower. This can be a dangerous hazard, especially with kids around. Although most ceramic cooktops have an indicator showing the plate is still hot, people can easily forget about it.

Not all pots and pans can be used on this stovetop. Since the top is made of ceramic glass, heavy pots and pans might easily crack or scratch it if used carelessly. This is especially true if the cookware’s bottom is rough, granular, or made of enamel.

Choose Your Fit of Gas or Ceramic Cooktops

At the end of the day, what type of cooktop you buy is up to personal preference. There’s no significant difference in their energy sufficiency ratings, as both use roughly the same amount of power. While gas can vary depending on gas prices, it’s still not a significant difference. At Shop Zone, we sell second hand ovens at affordable prices, so get your ceramic or gas cooktop today.


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