When and How to Replace your Dishwasher

Is It Time to Replace your Dishwasher?

Is it time to get rid of the old and bring in the new dishwasher? Shop Zone is an appliance outlet in NZ that sells second hand appliances at affordable prices. No need to drive to an appliance store; we deliver to you. Shop Zone strives to ensure our customers receive only the best brands, with warranties on all our products.

Warning Signs of an Old Machine

You should look out for several warning signs if you own an old dishwasher. Remember, the below signs could just need simple repair solutions, so ensure you get a professional’s opinion before buying. Usually, dishwashers older than 10 years need to be replaced, but here are some other signs to consider.

An obvious sign is if your dishwasher starts to rust. This doesn’t refer to small rust spots on the outside, but rather significant amounts of rust, both inside and outside. This means rust can get onto your plates and show there’s a water leak somewhere.

Water leaks are another warning sign. Your dishwasher should never leak water on the floor, and there should not be any water left in the machine after a cycle. Sometimes, the washer drain is just clogged, which a plumber can fix, but often it’s a more severe problem.

If your machine develops cracks, makes unusual noises, or the door doesn’t properly close and latch anymore, it’s time to replace it. Cracks can lead to water damage and the general disrepair of your dishwasher. The door not closing correctly often means the wash cycle either doesn’t start or is subpar.

The last sign to look for is if your dishes are warm and clean at the end of the cycle. If they’re not warm, there’s some problem in the rotation. If your dishes consistently end up spotty or greasy, it’s a sure sign that your appliance needs to be replaced.

What to Consider When Buying

You’ve chosen to buy, but what now? What should you look for in a new dishwasher, and what should you do with your old one? You have many options when getting rid of old appliances. If the dishwasher still works, you can sell it on platforms like Trade Me. Otherwise, you can dispose of it by a recycling plant, which might buy it from you, or donate it to charity organisations.

When looking for a new dishwasher, you should consider the space you have. Will you buy the same size as your previous dishwasher, or will you go bigger or smaller? Ensure to measure your space before settling on a new machine.

It’s also best to get an efficient dishwasher that offers wash settings. Meaning you can choose whether you want a long, thorough wash or a quick, light wash. It’s a great way to save water if the dishes just need a rinse when washing. Often, this can be achieved better if the dishwasher has a soil sensor. It adjusts the ash times based on how dirty the dishes are.

Decide whether you want to have an automatic or manual filter for bits of food left on your dishes. While automatic filters don’t require cleaning, they’re often loud. Meanwhile, manual filters can be cleaned quickly and easily.

Shop Today

Dishwashers range between $380 and $2,300, so there are options for most budgets. Look at the dishwasher’s Energy Star ratings; the higher the rating, the better energy efficiency. New dishwashers in the last decade use improved technology that ensures your power usage is 12% better than older models, with your water usage being around 30% more efficient. Shop Zone sells home appliances online in NZ, so head over to our site to buy your second hand dishwasher today.

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