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Save Energy with Water Efficient Washing Machine

Reducing Washing Costs with Energy Efficient Machines

Shop Zone is a family-owned and operated business that cares about our customers. As such, we offer only the best brands at affordable prices. This includes laundry appliances like water-efficient washing machines. When you buy a washing machine, there’s no need to spend an excessive amount. Our cheap washing machines are all of the best quality and come with warranties. Our laundry appliances are sold at discounted prices, ensuring you get the best for less. Several household whitewares, like washing machines, are for sale across NZ at our stores.

Moreover, what does it mean to buy a water-efficient washing machine, and how do you save energy?

Saving the Environment

Using a washer that saves water is a financially beneficial decision and saves the environment. Using less energy and water will save you money while also lessening any negative effects doing the laundry has on the environment. With laundry being an undeniable element of our lives, it’s easy to overuse it. We’ll talk about several tips you can implement when doing your laundry and what to look for if you’re buying a new machine.

Water Efficiency

The best way to ensure you use less water is to buy washing machines that are energy efficient. With awareness rising on the environmental impact of doing laundry, more and more brands ensure their machines are water-efficient. You can also ensure you use less water by adjusting your machine’s settings. Most modern machines can adjust the water level to a low, mid, or high setting depending on how much laundry you do. Buying a front loader washing machine is better, as they save more water in the long run than a top loader.

It’s been shown that using cold water is better than using hot water. The enzymes in laundry detergent work better and faster with cold water when removing dirt and stains. It’s only really necessary to use a warm wash when removing oil stains or washing linen when a family member is sick.

Energy Efficiency 

Another element to consider is the energy star rating of your machine. All washers have to display their energy star rating, with more stars meaning better energy efficiency. The difference between energy efficiency and its star rating is that it’s based on a per load, warm wash usage. This means if you use a cold wash, your energy efficiency will go up. It also means that you can’t compare a big washing machine’s rating with a small one, as they operate in different quantities. A big machine might have a better rating as you can wash a bigger load of laundry in one cycle, but you might end up using more power in the year than with a smaller machine.

If you’ve ensured what rating your machine has, the next step is to lessen the energy you use. This is easily done in several different ways.

  • Higher spin speed means less drying time
  • Use Fast Wash for regular laundry
  • Pre-soak badly soiled laundry
  • Wash a full load
  • Adjust washing settings

Save Water and Energy Today

Using the above tips, it’s not necessary to spend a fortune on your water and electricity bill each month. Not only can you cut down on your bills, but you can also lessen the negative environmental impact it has when using too much water and energy. Using a front loader washing machine is better than using a top loader in the long run. Ensure you have the best washing machine for your household. Buy at Shop Zone at affordable prices to get the best for your family today.

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