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3+1+1 Velvet Motion Reclining Suite – New


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3+1+1 Velvet Motion Reclining Suite – Brown
New condition, we literally just unpacked this suite out of the box 02/03/2020 and put it on display!

Made by ACME Furniture Industry Inc

So so so comfortable! So so so affordable!

-2 single rocker recliners
-Recliners each end of 3 seater
-Beautiful and soft velvet material
-Dark brown shade that blends in with most home decors!

These suites are selling new for $2,699.00 -$2,999.00! Great value for the consumer for this suite just out of the box, literally new!

This suite is in a league of its own, stunning, super comfortable and very stylish!  
This is an easy-to-clean suite. 

Come on in and have a look, you will not be disappointed!
Find us on Pukuatua St, Rotorua. 

Shop Zone Furniture & Appliance Store, we’ve got you covered for great looking furniture but for extremely affordable prices!

Delivery is available for the North Island! See Shop Zone Delivery Page for prices.

Payment/15% Deposit must be made within 3 days from the date of purchase unless otherwise agreed with Shop Zone staff.

Lay-by and Finance available. 
We also accept Qcard and Farmers card.

Please come in and view our top of the range Lounge Suites for extremely affordable prices, find us on Pukuatua St, Rotorua. 


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