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How to Efficiently Dry Clothes in a Tumble Dryer

Efficient Tumble Dryer Hacks 

Shop Zone sells used laundry appliances from the best brands and provides warranties for all goods. If you’re looking for a secondhand dryer in good condition and at affordable prices, then look at our whiteware sale now. You’ll learn when it’s best to use the dryer vs when to air-dry and how to use your tumble dryer effectively. When buying an efficient dryer, it’s important to consider its energy efficiency rating.

Tumble Dry vs Air-Dry

After doing laundry, it becomes second nature to throw your load into the dryer, but is it always the best option? There are several ways to dry your laundry, but that doesn’t mean you can use them every time.

If you have warm weather, it’s best to air-dry your laundry. Tumble drying your clothes too often leads to your clothes being worn more easily and using more power. For places where you don’t have a clothesline outside, you can use a clothes rack indoors. While it’s impractical to dry your linen and towels on your clothes rack, it’s more than adequate for everyday clothing items. Air-drying should be used for clothes with delicate materials that can get damaged in a tumble dryer.

However, air-drying your laundry isn’t always an option, especially in winter. Using a rack indoors means the moisture from the clothes stays in your house. Unless you use a dehumidifier, it can cause damage to your house. In this case, using a dryer is preferable, provided you use it effectively.

Using My Dryer Efficiently

When using a tumble dryer, there are several steps you should follow. These steps help your laundry dry efficiently and save power when using a dryer.

Sorting My Laundry Load

It’s important when using a tumble dryer to dry sort with sort. This means you separate heavy items like towels from delicate items like satin. This prevents one fabric type from over-drying while the other is still damp. It’s also essential you choose the correct setting for the materials you’re drying. Cotton and heavy fabrics require high heat, while delicate fabrics require low heat. Synthetic fabrics like permanent press clothes fall in between these with medium heat. You also shouldn’t add damp laundry to a near dry load, as it lengthens your drying time.

One of the easiest things to do is accidentally overload your machine. Trying to dry too much laundry at once actually causes your dryer to take longer, as the clothes don’t have the space to fluff out and air properly. This not only means you get half the laundry that is dry and half damp, but your clothes will crease more easily. Load your dryer to three-quarters full to give your laundry space to expand. You can also help by shaking out your laundry before placing it into the machine.

Reduce Energy Cost

One of the best ways to reduce the energy cost is to buy an ENERGY-STAR rated dryer. However, there is more you can do to reduce the power usage of your appliance.

– Place your drying appliance in a warm area, which helps when the appliance is heating.

– Clean the lint screen after drying, as it builds up after each load and lengthens the drying time.

– Dry loads consecutively, as this, eliminates the need for the appliance to heat up again.

Dry Your Clothes Effectively 

Using the above tips, it’s easy to ensure your laundry is dried efficiently. Knowing what materials should be dried at what temperature and drying sort with sort ensures your clothes don’t get worn as easily. You’ll also enjoy reduced power usage when drying by maintaining your appliances. Shop Zone is here to help you find your efficient dryer.

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