Mattress Types

Guide to Buying a Mattress

How To Buy a Bed and Mattress That Works for You?

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How to find the type of bed and mattress that’ll fit your sleeping style?


Choosing Your Bed

When choosing a bed, the option often comes down to a box base or a box frame. A box base refers to a solid rectangular bed  on which the mattress is simply laid. While a more simplistic design, this is a good base to choose if you’ve limited space and want to fit a bigger bed into a smaller room. It’s also easier to shift or move.

A box frame refers to a bed frame that isn’t solid, with the mattress lying on wooden slats. This design is often less easy to move around, as it’s built and not a solid base. However, it often has a built-in storage unit and more design options. 


Mattress Types

After you’ve chosen your bed, you need to pick out a mattress. There are several different types, and they all come with their benefits.



These are the most bouncy and sleep cooler than some other options. The surface has a firm bounce feeling, as it’s made from rubber trees and offers more responsiveness.



Since these mattresses have springs inside them, while they’re bouncy, they’re also firmer and very popular. It has stronger support and doesn’t follow the form of your body as easily.


Memory Foam

It takes the shape of your body and is ideal if you experience body aches or pressure on your joints. It often allows for a more isolated sleep, as it doesn’t move with your partner, but it can sleep warmer than other options.



This is the best option if you and your partner require different mattresses. It has two air chambers that can be adjusted with your level of required firmness, ensuring you and your partner get what you need. However, they’re more expensive than others.



These use a combination of memory foam and coils or latex and coils. The coils are at the bottom to provide support, while memory foam or latex are at the top to provide pressure relief. These are often more expensive and heavier than foam mattresses.


How Do You Sleep?

How you sleep impacts the type of mattress that’s perfect for your body. Front sleepers need a firm mattress, like the innerspring type, to ensure their spine doesn’t bend too far to avoid pain. Back sleepers require medium firmness when sleeping; otherwise, it can cause your back to be out of alignment, causing back pain. The same can be said for combination sleepers, who often move in their sleep.

Sleeping on your side is the best way to avoid back pain and requires a soft to medium mattress, as it needs to follow the shape of your body. It helps keep your spine aligned and doesn’t put too much pressure on your hips or shoulders. 


Best Bed for You

It’s essential to keep your sleeping habits in mind when purchasing a mattress, as it has a significant impact on your body. Ensure what style you’re looking for and what mattress is best for your body. Mattresses are a long-term purchase, and using the above guideline can help you make the best decision. Shop Zone strives to ensure you know which mattress is best for you before purchasing.


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