Top & Front Loader Washing Machine

Front Loader vs. Top Loader Washing Machine

Pros & Cons of Top & Front Loaders

It’s time to replace that old washer that you’ve had for too long, but you’re unsure what to replace it with. You want to get the best value for your money but are overwhelmed by options. Below, we expanded on the pros and cons of the front and top loader washing machines.

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Front Loader

Front-loaders, as the name suggests, are washing machines where the door is situated in front. They’re often smaller than top loaders and more suited to smaller households. We looked at several pros and cons of front loader washing machines.


In general, front loaders are better when it comes to performance. They clean clothes better, use less water and energy and as a result are more economically friendly. They’re often more gentle on clothes, and the tumbling motion means that clothes are washed more thoroughly and the detergent mixed into the water better.

Front-loaders are also less noisy, offering a more muted sound that’s perfect for a small household. With the door being in the front, it’s also easier to install and enjoys some flexibility about where they can be placed. You don’t need to worry about keeping the top open, so it often takes up less space.


On the other hand, front loaders tend to have longer wash cycles, as they use less water. They can also develop mold in the rubber lining by the door, requiring proper cleaning frequently. They’re often more expensive than top loaders, and it’s usually impossible to add washing or retrieve something once the cycle has started as they remain locked until the end.

Top Loader

Top loaders have a door at the top of the washing machine. They can often come in bigger sizes, up to commercial-sized washers. Below are some pros and cons to keep in mind when purchasing a top loader.


Top loaders enjoy better ease of use, as there’s no need to bend over if you’ve joint or knee pain. They also enjoy a faster cycle most of the time, ensuring your laundry is done sooner. As there is no rubber lining at the top door, you’ve less chance of mold and a smell developing, making them easier to maintain. Top loaders are cheaper and lighter to move, and you can easily add clothing or retrieve something after you’ve already started the washing cycle.


Unfortunately, top loaders use more water and energy and are also harsher on your clothes. They require more detergent to ensure all the clothes are properly cleaned. They also require more space and aren’t as flexible to install, as you need to ensure the top is free of any obstructions.

The Washer Showdown

While there’s no right or wrong answer when buying a washing machine, you need to consider what you’re mainly using it for. If you’re a large family and need to do washing frequently, a top loader might be better as it’s cheaper and bigger in most cases. However, if you are on a budget, a front loader is more cost-friendly in the long term while more expensive to buy.


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