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Why La-Z-Boy is the Comfort Recliner

La-Z-Boy has been a dependable brand for more than 90 years. They offer good quality lounge suites, recliners and sofas. At ShopZone, we sell high-quality second-hand homeware and appliances. This includes selling La-Z-Boy furniture Rotorua residents can affordably buy, like a comfy recliner sofa, etc.

ShopZone ensures the quality of our products and only stocks reputable brands. Find the same products displayed at good furniture shops, but with more affordable prices and great customer service.

All About La-Z-Boy

La-Z-Boy has built its name up to be one of the top brands worldwide, with a lot of nostalgia and fond memories behind the brand. Their furniture is made with innovative and iconic designs, delivering high-quality pieces.

Where Is It Manufactured?

While La-Z-Boy has branched out globally, most of the production still happens in North America. However, La-Z-Boy furniture in New Zealand is made in partnership with Morgan Furniture. The company manufactures the pieces in both Thailand and China. They found that there isn’t as much competition in the leather furniture industry in Thailand. At the manufacturing sites, they cut the lumber to size, complete the metalwork, and cut and sew the fabric and foam. Then they assemble the entire piece.


This is a detailed process that’s been refined over the years. When the furniture is completed, the validator must do a final inspection to ensure that the piece follows all regulations. This includes checking that the mechanisms are working and the fabric is correct.

Technology and Mechanisms

La-Z-Boy is one of the top brands, using unique technology and mechanisms when designing their sofas. The “7 La-Z-Boy Only’s” refer to seven features that make La-Z-Boy furniture unique and comfortable. 

These seven features, including the Independent Reclining Back, Double-locking Footrest, Hinged Seat and Back, etc., ensure that all aspects of the sofas are adjustable to fit your body. They also use premier construction methods to ensure the quality of their furniture, such as hardwood frame construction, ComfortCore Seat Cushions, and more. 

Materials used in the furniture

La-Z-Boy uses only premium fabrics that are durable and show resistance to wear and tear. They use different fabrics to best fit your situation, like the iClean fabric that’s stain-resistant. There’s also the pet-friendly fabric that doesn’t show claw marks or an antimicrobial fabric.

They also offer antimicrobial and sustainable fabric made from recycled water bottles if you want to lower your eco-footprint. They offer three types of leather furniture: Authentic, Nubuck and Performance.

Longevity of the Furniture

One thing to mention about La-Z-Boy furniture is that they’re durable. The sofas reportedly have much longer longevity than other brands and can last years. Clients have left reviews raving about their sofas’ quality and longevity, reporting that it still looks like new years later. 

Other than keeping their good looks, La-Z-Boy sofas remain comfortable and fashionable. They have innovative features that ensure you can adjust them to fit your body.

All About ShopZone

La-Z-Boy has been a premier global furniture brand, delivering high-quality pieces with great longevity. However, they’re quite expensive compared to other brands and thus don’t always fit your budget. At ShopZone, you can buy a second-hand La-Z-Boy recliner sofa set for almost half the price you would pay in-store. Our products are in great condition, and we offer exceptional service across New Zealand.

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