Benefits of Buying Ex-Display and Second Hand Washing Machines or Clothes Dryers


We have more than ten years of experience in the industry and can help you discover the right appliance to suit your budget, laundry specifications, and washing requirements with our guide below.

Saving money is the biggest benefit to buying an ex-display washing machine; however, there are numerous other advantages such as:


It’s environmentally friendly: Buying a second-hand appliance is an ideal way of reducing environmental waste. When washers and dryers are repaired and reused, it prevents these appliances from ending up in the landfill. You also reduce the need for new models to be made, which can exhaust valuable resources.

You will support local business: You will support your local economy and community when you buy from a trusted second-hand dealer. Big-name appliance brands from a chain store can mean that some of your money is sent offshore to international manufacturing firms. A family-owned and operated business will give you a personalised service and are not restricted to supplying specific brands, which means you can choose the most suitable appliance from a wide selection of goods.

There is time to research the make and model: Second-hand washers and dryers will have a track record of performance compared to new models meaning that it will be easy for you to research and identify if it will meet your requirements. You may discover that a used appliance has a longer lifespan than a new model.