Second-Hand Kitchen Appliances Available in Rotorua

We buy-in our large range of equipment from various sources. Some items in stock are pre-loved and in an immaculate condition. These are perfect if you are keen on finding a very affordable second-hand oven or second-hand refrigerator. Cooking is fun and exciting, but maybe you don’t want to stand at the sink with your hands in the water anymore. A cheap dishwasher might just be the object of your desire. Some items have never made it to someone else’s home but were part of shop displays and are still brand new and available at much-reduced prices. Maybe you would prefer to start fresh with these items and would rather choose an ex-display oven or even an ex-display dishwasher.

We are aware that even though you are buying a cheap cooktop or a cheap oven, it might still pinch your budget. Thus, we decided to lend a hand. We offer a financing option that allows up to six weeks to pay off your purchase. Emergencies are never scheduled, and you might be in desperate need to source a cheap stove. You need it now but can only pay later – speak to us, and we’ll arrange both fast delivery and an easy payment structure. Our lay-buy financing offer is interest-free. You can also browse our site for constant specials on already reduced prices.

Installation of your newly purchased equipment doesn’t have to cause a headache. We can take care of that in no time. When we deliver your second-hand oven, we can also install it at your home for a minimal fee. Our delivery van easily runs a trip to Auckland or Bay of Plenty to deliver your purchases at your door. It is one of the many ways how our family extends a hand to yours to make life a little better for all, but our services don’t end there. Our technicians do their share for customer satisfaction too. We check each of our items thoroughly before letting it onto our shop floor.

We only stock high-quality brands such as Fisher & Paykel, Bosch, Westinghouse, Samsung, Electrolux, and Panasonic. We’re aware of the concern around a second-hand purchase, but we have experienced electricians who ensure the appliances are fully operational. We are so confident about the quality of our products that most of our appliances have a six-month warranty or a 12-month warranty for purchases over $1000.