When Buying a Second Hand Tumble Dryer Consider This

While you may prefer to air dry your clothes, a cheap tumble dryer can save your laundry piling up during those cold and rainy winter days. To find the most suitable dryer, be sure to check the:

Clothes dryer capacity: The capacity of your dryer will depend on the number of people in your household and how often you do a load of laundry. This consideration is an essential one to get correct and will prevent any frustration at your washing not drying properly or taking too long. If you live in a small household with only one or two people, then a 5kg or smaller dryer should meet your demand. However, a family of more than four people will require a larger appliance such as a 7kg or greater dryer capacity.

Physical dimensions: Be sure that your selected dryer will fit in your designated laundry space. No one wants to buy a dryer only to find out that it won’t fit in the room. You should take measurements of the available space in your laundry and then compare it to the dryer dimensions. Physically viewing and measuring the appliance in the store is another way to guarantee that the dryer will fit your home rather than relying on the given dimensions on a website.

Type of dryer: There are different types of dryers, such as vented, condenser, and heat pump. You should ensure that you know what type you are buying and that you have the means to deal with any moisture that is expelled into your laundry room. For example, a condenser dryer doesn’t need to be ducted, yet you will need to open a window, and a heat pump type is energy efficient.

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