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How to Decide what Lounge Furniture works for You!

Some homes still feature formal sitting rooms that people hardly ever go into; increasingly, living rooms are taking on more central roles in family life. Additionally, if living rooms are where people do most of their socialising, it’s important that they’re comfortable and appealing.

Choosing the Right Lounge Suite

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To help you set up your perfect living room, we’ve put together some handy tips on what to consider when choosing your furniture.

Style of Lounge Suite

The size of your lounge is probably the main factor that makes the most difference to your lounge suite NZ choice. It’s all well to pick a certain piece because you just love it, but if it’s the wrong choice for the room you have, it won’t take too many banged shins and spilled drinks to make you regret an impulsive buy.

Obviously, you need to consider the number of people in your family (as well as the friends you’re likely to invite). In addition, consider the proportions of the people who’ll be sitting in your lounge suite. Taller people require seating with higher back support and plenty of legroom.

Choose a smaller, more contemporary lounge suite if you’re decorating a small space. Also, a lounge suite with visible legs creates the illusion of more space than one sitting very low to the floor.

Colour Options

The living room needs to suit all the members of the family. Those with strong stylistic preferences can indulge them in their personal spaces, but ideally, not in communal living areas. The living room in the house is typically full of different coloured items, like pot plants, pictures, and books. So you’ll probably want to go with a neutral colour scheme that won’t clash with any of them.

It’s usually a good idea not to use more than three to four colours and not more than a single item with a pattern. Bear in mind that pale colours show the dirt more, so darker colours may be a better choice if this room is going to be used by children and pets.


Thinking about who’s going to use the room is important when choosing the fabric for your lounge suite. If you expect lots of children, pets, or mud to be in your living room, think about using loose covers that can be removed and washed easily. If you have a huge window where bright sunlight floods in, and you use a fabric with strong colours or patterns, you’ll need to replace it every few years as the colours will fade.

If the fabric you like best is gorgeous but a bit flimsy, you can expect to keep replacing it as it perishes in the course of normal wear and tear.

High quality, branded furniture such as La-Z- Boy and Morgan Furniture are a good option for real, genuine leather as opposed to fake leather options. Leather is easy to clean, lasts a substantial amount of time, and doesn’t crack with age like fake leather does. Shopzone is in fact the largest supplier of reconditioned La-Z-Boy lounge suits in the Bay of Plenty.   

The Function of the Lounge Suite

Finally, consider the function of your lounge suite. Will people be sitting politely on the edges of their seats sipping cups of tea or sprawling extravagantly as they watch tv? Will sofa beds regularly be opened out for people to sleep on, or mostly used for seating?

Position the lounge suite, so you’re able to sit comfortably in the best spot in the room. Where you get the view through the window, or where you can keep your eyes on other people in the room without getting a strain in your neck.

Whatever your requirements, Shop Zone have a variety of different styles of lounge suits, to suit all tastes. Let us help you find affordable furniture NZ or second hand furniture NZ.

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